Corporate Detail


Qiwii is a startup that creates technologies that can help to increase customer experience, build brand loyalty, and capitalize new revenue stream. We create an online queuing system and customer journey management system. Our mission is to make a better customer experience by increasing the quality of the business services. Right now we already implement in more than 200 company/institution and serve more than 25k active users.

Company Legal

  • Legal Name: PT Kode Inovasi Winata
  • Business ID (NIB): 0263010021537
  • Tax ID (NPWP): 96.093.627.6-063.000
  • Electronic System Provider ID (PSE): 026301002153700000001

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become a 360-degree customer experience-oriented world-class technology company.

Our Mission are:

  1. Creating innovative solution that make everyday life for the peoples and businesses better.
  2. Creating products that are universally accessible and useful
  3. Providing added value and benefits for all stakeholders

Corporate Organization